Wrong Address, Officers

16 05 2010

Jason’s group refers to themselves as the Stench Goose Posse; they are on the 16th year of Pole Pedal Paddle Madness; and when they throw parties, everyone within a half mile knows it.  This year, we hosted the 3-day event in traditionally epic SGP style.  And, as tradition holds, the cops came.  It’s standard operating procedure for these parties, and a point of pride for the host.

This year, however, the visit from the cops took a new twist.

The gate to nowhere?  Apparently it leads from the cop car to our house.  That’s right, a 3-acre property, and the cops came in through the back gate.  Yes, the back gate that Jason built 5 days ago for no pressing reason.

But here’s the real oddity: the visit wasn’t due to a noise complaint.

Nope, said the cops.  We got a report of domestic violence, and someone strangling a cat.

Um… Wrong house.

Luckily, the cops were very friendly and found no reason to halt the party.  Rather unluckily, I was in the house attempting to sleep during the whole visit.  Which is too bad, because it’s sounds like they would have been happy to have their photo taken for my scrapbook.

Since I don’t have a picture of the police raiding our property, here are some other PPP-related pics.

a gorgeous race day, warm and breezy

Manimal, personification of the PPP spirit

nothing says "motherhood" like beer

trench and minimal live it up




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