The “Why” Chromosome

9 05 2010

On Tuesday night, I was awoken from a dead sleep in the middle of the night (10:15ish) by a text: Jason had sent me a dark and blurry photo titled “Head Butt.”  The photo seemed to show what used to be a wall in the living room of the new house.  Now it was perforated – and with head-sized holes, no less.  The text was followed by a phone call to make sure I had seen the text.

That is how proud Jason was of head-butting holes into our living room walls.

Granted, he wasn’t the only one there who was participating, and it might not have been his idea.  Still, this remodel is going to take a long time if everyone on the crew has to be treated intermittently for self-induced blunt-force head trauma.

Evidence That Boys Are, In Fact, Stupid




2 responses

8 05 2010

Strange. Trav came home in the middle of the night (wee hours of the morning) and had a scratch on his forehead . . .

8 05 2010

Boys ARE stupid. 🙂

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